Skudo Kryptor Tutorials
Read the tutorials and learn how to use the Kryptor FPGA board
These are meant for the CrowdSupply product devices.

This tutorial is specifically meant for the Skudo Kryptor PCB board sold via CrowdSupply and via Mouser.

This tutorial illustrates how to upload a new FPGA configuration file to the FPGA Kryptor boards using the custom Skudo JTAG cable and USB Blaster programming device (any Intel/Altera compatible device would work).


Needed items

You need to have at hand:

  • the special Skudo JTAG adapter
  • the FPGA USB programmer device
  • the Skudo Kryptor configuration file (.pof)
  • Quartus Prime

This is the SKUDO JTAG adapter picture:

NOTE: connect the power (+5V) and ground (GND) to the first two pins on the Kryptor PCB as the programming won't work if the PCB is not powered. See the picture here for the PCB pin layout.

As soon as you run Quartus Prime you will get this interface, the programming hardware is not plugged yet.

Once you plug the USB programmer device you can then select it as programming device under “hardware setup”.

Once everything is correctly setup then the screen should present the same as the following.

Now it’s time to connect the USB programmer to the Kryptor FPGA via the custom JTAG cable connector. Looking carefully to the 2 long guiding pins, you should insert the connector into the Kryptor PCB board and have a lite push to keep it in place (please note the 7 little POGO pins have springs and will retract slightly). Once the connector is kept in place then you can return to the Quartus software and press the “Auto detect” button.

The pop-up window should show the FPGA model name which should be one of the two following: 10M08DA or 10M16DA. Select it and press OK.
Now the GUI should present this layout and show a little drawing of the selected FPGA chip.

Under the File menu, there is the word “<none>”, you should now double click on it to open the pop-up window related to the configuration file selection.

Now, locate the configuration file (.POF) you got from the SKUDO site, select it and press OPEN. You will then see the following situation.

Under the section “program/configure” select all the checkbox as in the following picture.

You are now ready to program the FPGA chip. Now it is important to keep pressure on the JTAG connector which should have a mechanical connection with the Kryptor PCB board. Once ready, press the “Start” button on the left side and observe the progress green bar on the top right.
After some seconds, the progress bar will reach the 100% and at this point the procedure is properly done and completed. You can then remove the JTAG connector and start using your Kryptor board.

If the bar will give an error then please check the connection between the JTAG connector/cable and the board, and try again.

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