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Skudo is thrilled to announce the upcoming introduction of its Kryptor FPGA development board. This product brings a professional-level encryption development tool to maker communities and professional developers worldwide. We are launching the Kryptor in March of 2020 through the Crowd Supply platform.

Don’t let the title give you the wrong idea, this event is not a gathering of black-hat bad guys looking to share secrets on breaking into military systems and hardware. No, this event aims to break the cycle of long lead times and high costs associated with traditional defense procurement processes. In short, it seeks to leverage the growing “maker mindset” that is sweeping Europe and the rest of the world and apply that approach to developing innovative defense solutions.

Estonia continues to develop as a center for technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. An excellent example of this is the annual sTARTUp Day event held in the Estonian city of Tartu. Think not much can happen in a day? This event packs an incredible amount into a single day. Check out the statistics below:

Skudo is always seeking exciting and innovative opportunities to provide end-to-end data encryption solutions. One such opportunity happens to be out of this world, well stratospheric anyway. Read on learn more.

The European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) coordinates an annual event where the most promising emerging cybersecurity technology companies and industry subject matter experts (SMEs) are selected to present their ideas, companies, and technologies to a group of interested investors.

For many, including your author, voice assistants are the stuff of science fiction fantasy and geeky convenience. There is a real satisfaction to be able to control appliances, equipment, ask for information, send communications, all without lifting a finger.

In my case, I enjoy controlling strategic lights to prevent missteps in dimly lit parts of the house, especially during long northern winters. Turning the television on and off and controlling the volume is the height of coach “potato-ism.” Who cares if

Cyber attacks represent an efficient method of crippling the ability of your enemy to function and operate their country. As demonstrated in the attack against the Ukrainian power system in 2015, a virus or other malware, when introduced into the power grid control system, can cause extensive power outages.

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