For a safer world


(April 2024)

We provide hardware-based
solutions for data communications

To cover all your today’s and tomorrow’s data protection needs for space and drone applications.
Guaranteed by our world-class, made in Europe, hardware level technology.
Combine our Hardware Security Module (HSM) running on a single FPGA chip
with the latest protocol stack (CCSDS SDLS, MAVlink, UDP, etc.)
for space and drone applications as the primary targets.

Skudo successfully participated in the ESA (European Space Agency) Business Incubation Centre Estonia and as of September 2021 is an ESABIC Alumni

Areas of application

Space Assets

Secure the data communication and digital assets in the space applications. Integrate a PKI into the CCSDS SDLS space protocol and add end-point authentications

Drones and UAVs

Secure existing communication channels between the ground stations and the drones. Transparent, plug&play device compatible with MAVlink protocol


Secure infrastructures such as powerplants, logistic centres, hospitals etc. Rely on a PKI, digital certificates and a hardware chip for the ultimate secure solution

Our solutions

for encrypted and authenticated data transmission

PCB ready solution for drone applications. Plugging the device between the Autopilot and the radio modem, it will end-to-end encrypt and authenticate the data communication between the drone and the ground station.
Our own custom built HSM on a Chip (FPGA), pre-configured and fully tested and customized already installed on a PCB. It can be easily integrated into any solution that needs fully secure and encrypted data transmission. Contact us for more info.
We provide softcores (Verilog) to build HSM/TPM/SE solutions. Our various cores offer combinations and features (size, speed) and are all brand independent.

What makes Skudo solutions unique:

  • Custom made encryption chip (HSM on a Chip)
  • 100% transparent, verifiable and Backdoor free
  • Made and assembled in Europe
  • Hardware-based security based on FPGA
  • Most secure and open encryption algorithms
  • Ready to become Quantum Resistant
  • No operating system (OS)