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As we venture deeper into space, the importance of cybersecurity becomes even more pronounced. At Skudo, our passion for space exploration led us to develop the FYSON project, an initiative that stands for "For Your Eyes Only". But what does this mysterious name signify, and how is it propelling us into the next frontier of space technology?

Deciphering FYSON

At its core, the FYSON project encapsulates a robust encryption mechanism, ensuring that data transmitted from satellites is solely decipherable by the intended recipient. This is achieved by employing a specialized encryption wherein only the designated user, possessing the correct digital certificate (or key), can decrypt and access the data. It’s a digital whisper from the satellite, meant only for those chosen ears.

Skudo's Solo Voyage

FYSON is a brainchild exclusively of Skudo. Every innovation, every advancement, and every breakthrough associated with the project has been nurtured in-house, drawing upon our extensive expertise in space cybersecurity.

From the Drawing Board to the Stars

Before any tech gets a nod for space, it undergoes rigorous Earth-bound testing. Our initial trials took place on the MitySOM board, a faithful test bed nestled within our office. This platform allowed us to simulate, iterate, and refine our solutions, prepping them for the challenges of outer space.

Following our ground tests, we were granted the privilege of opportunities with ESA to trial our solutions on a 'flatsat'—a ground replica of a satellite module. The pinnacle of our tests came with the IOD/IOV on the OPS-SAT, which offered real-world feedback and validation in actual space conditions.

The Pinnacle Goals of FYSON

Skudo embarked on the FYSON journey with three distinct objectives:

1. Space Validation: The primary aim was to test our technology in the real-world conditions of space, an environment simulations can't wholly replicate.
2. Advanced Encryption: We wanted to showcase the power of asymmetric cryptography integrated into our HSM, which has been ported to the Cyclone-V.
3. Image Enhancement with RISC-V: A notable feature of our project involves a RISC-V core that enhances satellite imagery. The satellite captures the image, processes and enhances it, and then securely encrypts it before transmission to Earth. This dual-step approach ensures that the received data is not only secure but also of the highest quality.

Into the Future with FYSON

The journey of FYSON is not just about achieving milestones; it's about setting standards for space cybersecurity. With every orbit and every byte of encrypted data, Skudo is paving the way for a secure cosmos, ensuring that the mysteries of space remain "For Your Eyes Only".


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