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Estonia continues to develop as a center for technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. An excellent example of this is the annual sTARTUp Day event held in the Estonian city of Tartu. Think not much can happen in a day? This event packs an incredible amount into a single day. Check out the statistics below:

  • 4400 Participants
  • 150 Speakers
  • 350 Startups
  • 60 Media representatives
  • 60 Countries
  • 120 Pitches
  • 85 Companies exhibiting

Skudo participated this year and demonstrated its FPGA chip-based end-to-end encryption solution. People were very interested and excited to see a tangible product perform its encryption tasks in real-time. The event provides a lot of opportunities for us to interact with attendees, network with other businesses and investors, and showcase our technology.

As a beneficiary of and contributor to the Estonian drive to nurture and grow technological innovation, we appreciate events like this and encourage others to attend the 2021 event.

Read more about our solutions and company here and check out the event here.

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