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Don’t let the title give you the wrong idea, this event is not a gathering of black-hat bad guys looking to share secrets on breaking into military systems and hardware. No, this event aims to break the cycle of long lead times and high costs associated with traditional defense procurement processes. In short, it seeks to leverage the growing “maker mindset” that is sweeping Europe and the rest of the world and apply that approach to developing innovative defense solutions.

Skudo assembled a team that took part in the February 2020 event held in Riga, Latvia. Our team consisted of three Latvian and one Estonian engineer. The team designed, prototyped, and successfully demonstrated a solution for the virtual remote monitoring of large areas in war zones. The virtual barrier was built using motion sensors connected via a secure mesh communications network.

How did it work? When a motion was detected, the event was relayed back to the control station for an appropriate response. A far cry from stringing metal cans on wires and listening for their clanking to detect movement! Plus, remote monitoring keeps troops back from the front lines and live combat. Pretty amazing results in a short 48 hours.

Read more about Skudo technology and use cases here and dig deeper into the Garage48 events through their website.

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