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Skudo is always seeking exciting and innovative opportunities to provide end-to-end data encryption solutions. One such opportunity happens to be out of this world, well stratospheric anyway. Read on learn more.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is developing an initiative for the use of High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS). The concept behind this program is to deploy “satellites” that fly below the low Earth and deeper space orbits of traditional satellites.

HAPS vehicles can range from balloons like those for weather use to dirigibles to winged vehicles. They are rapidly deployed, lower cost, and can linger over an area for prolonged periods. They also don’t become space debris threatening active satellites and spacecraft. You can read more here.

Where does Skudo come into this space-age picture? The ESA has selected us to design and implement a solution which will create an encrypted link between the satellite and its ground station. In simple terms, we will develop a version of our FPGA chip to provide end-to-end encryption (compatible with the ESA SDLS protocol) of a data stream from the strato-balloon 25 km above the Earth to its ground station.

Real-time, streaming, end-to-end encrypted data from the satellite to the ground is a truly unique application for Skudo’s technology. The ESA will finance the development of the first prototype and oversee its deployment and use.

Another appealing aspect of the project is the requirement for Skudo to implement an asymmetric encryption scheme (PKI) that meets ESA specifications. We are really excited about this opportunity to meet the needs of such a fantastic program.

The project provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our technology with the possibility of flying in a lot of future HAPS vehicles and expanding into other similar applications. Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, you can read more about our technology here. Or see how to order the board.

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