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Skudo is thrilled to announce the upcoming introduction of its Kryptor FPGA development board. This product brings a professional-level encryption development tool to maker communities and professional developers worldwide. We are launching the Kryptor in March of 2020 through the Crowd Supply platform.

Kryptor is a one-chip Hardware Security Module (HSM) coupled with a MAX10 FPGA development board. This puts a powerful encryption development tool in the hands of makers and other developers for any type of encryption project. Also, Kryptor is compatible with Arduino and RaspberryPi, further expanding its application to these low-cost microprocessor universes.

Here’s how we introduce the Kryptor on our Crowd Supply page (might as well take advantage of our existing content:

Kryptor is a professional FPGA development board designed with encryption in mind, and capable of offering all the functionalities of a dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM) when running our soft-core within a single compact Intel/Altera MAX10 FPGA chip. Kryptor, using a verifiable HSM soft-core, brings a professional European encryption solution to the IoT developer and maker communities with an easy plug-and-play module.

One glaring shortcoming in the Internet of Things (IoT), and other communication-based technologies, is the lack of powerful end-to-end encryption. As these solutions increase in homes, businesses, and agencies around the globe, the potential for bad actors attacking networks to steal valuable data and cause system damage.

So, given the availability of existing encryption chips, why consider the Kryptor? Backdoors and closed-source, that’s why. When you buy a chip from a traditional supplier, you have no assurance that the product does not contain a back door, so your security solution can come with a vulnerability built-in. The makers of these chips use their own proprietary, closed-source solutions, which limits your flexibility in tweaking the chip to your needs. Kryptor eliminates both problems. A great article from Hackster goes into more detail.

Go to our Crowd Supply page and sign up for more information. You can also learn more about Skudo on our website.

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