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Perhaps you have heard similar comments before and it does seem that teenagers have a talent for technology. They seem able to find problems and flaws faster than others. Whatever the reason for this ability, a 15-year-old security researcher (that sounds like a white hat hacker to this writer) from the UK found a flaw in a popular hardware-based crypto wallet, the Nano-S from the French company, Ledger.


Some of the primary attractions of cryptocurrency include its decentralized nature, its anonymity, and the fact that it is unregulated. These same characteristics are reasons why government agencies around the world are somewhat worried with its development.

 On the doom and gloom front, a new question has recently come up, “Aren’t hackers focused on just software?”
It appears the answer is, “No, hardware is fair game too.”

There are a lot of steps you can take in order to protect yourself and your data. At the same time, for every good step there is always a counter part which is there to be avoided. 

The cyberattacks we generally hear about in the media are all about the money or getting sensitive information. When in the attack is for financial gain, stories like Equifax come to mind. On a smaller scale are the scams and phishing attacks that try to get individuals to give away their information. Examples like WikiLeaks and hacks of US government databases are about getting embarrassing information or collecting secrets.

A recent article asked this question in a survey and came away with an unsettling discovery, most people simply do not care enough to take measures to protect themselves, their identity, and their data when online or using their cellular devices. Or they think it will not happen to them.

2017 demonstrated what can happen when big data companies and organizations suffer hacks. Equifax, Uber, and Yahoo grabbed the headlines, but attacks also revealed information about millions of American government employees, military personnel, and voter records. FedEx, Verizon, and Netflix also suffered from attacks on their systems.

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