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If you want to use digital technology safely and fearlessly you need some serious security. This is true whether you are protecting your home network or that of a major corporation. Layer upon layer of security is being be combined to build the strongest defense possible. Firewalls, anti-virus software, sandboxed operations, multi-factor user identification, and more are being used. But, like the castles of old, there is always a weak point that the barbarians can exploit to breach the defenses.

For Darwinian theory adherents, you would think such a pairing unlikely in the extreme as Linux was spawned specifically to combat the monopolistic reaches of major OS providers like Microsoft (MS). But, according to an article in Hacker News, the Redmond, WA giant has built its own Linux kernel to power its new integrated security chip/cloud services offering called Azure Sphere.

As we reported in an earlier post, hackers found a method for hacking into Intel processors giving them access to sensitive information like passwords and personal information. Called Spectre and Meltdown, these vulnerabilities were not reported for several months as Intel worked to verify and patch them.

Perhaps most people would not expect to see a movie review on an encryption company’s website, but this movie has a powerful message about where technology and widespread surveillance may be leading us. Consider it the current day equivalent of George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984. In that book and subsequent movie, Big Brother is watching and controlling everyone. Any expression of individuality, no matter the form, is prohibited. George Orwell is generally credited with coining the term, Big Brother.

Have you noticed the recent flood of security and privacy updates and changes in how user data is used from the makers of the apps and applications you use? It seems the problems for Facebook have made enough waves that other companies are taking proactive steps to protect themselves from the same fate. You can also be sure that users are waking up and starting to take their privacy and data security seriously.

Move over Mr. Bond, you may just have been replaced by technology, Alexa from Amazon. How is such a thing possible? Read on and see what hackers were able to accomplish with the popular appliance.

If you have followed our blog posts and looked through our website, you may already know that CRIP.TO is driven by the libertarian value that sees freedom of speech as a requirement of a properly functioning democracy.  And sometimes, anonymity is necessary to protect the speaker.

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