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As you may be aware, digital certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA) are used to cryptographically sign computer applications and software and are trusted by your computer so that you may use them without any warning messages.

Researchers have found that Intel’s latest CPUs are still vulnerable to attacks by the malware, Spectre, that could prove to be quite as dangerous as previous versions.

Before you get too excited thinking this is a wanted poster in the criminal sense; it is not. It is an offer from Microsoft to pay a “bounty” to hackers who discover and document security flaws in its Identity Services software. So, crime pays? No, this is white hat hacking, and no crimes are being committed.

Now there is a scary thought, bad actors developing malware and other code to hack people’s DNA. Sounds like a great plot for the movie industry to build a series around. Or did they already do it with the Matrix franchise?

When it comes to cyber attacks, hacks, and data breaches, it seems like the world is always on the defensive. The bad actors invariably seem to be one step ahead. Sure, the good actors catch up, patch up, and fix problems. Bad actors get caught and put in jail. But they are slippery! I suppose that is to be expected for “entities” that lurk in a digital world. I’ve seen “Tron” and The Matrix” series.

With privacy being top of mind these days due to the never-ending parade of hacks and data abuse, it is not surprising to see encryption showing up in unusual places. However, one place I would not have thought to find encryption is in fine Scotch whisky. Well, you can add Glenlivet to the list with the release of their single malt whisky bearing the name, “Cipher.”

Opening with a little homage to the famous board game, Monopoly, for those unfortunately infected with some variant of the ransomware, Thanatos, your get out of “jail” card has been developed by researchers at Cisco. Good news for people seeking a free way to decrypt their data.

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