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For many, including your author, voice assistants are the stuff of science fiction fantasy and geeky convenience. There is a real satisfaction to be able to control appliances, equipment, ask for information, send communications, all without lifting a finger.

In my case, I enjoy controlling strategic lights to prevent missteps in dimly lit parts of the house, especially during long northern winters. Turning the television on and off and controlling the volume is the height of coach “potato-ism.” Who cares if

Cyber attacks represent an efficient method of crippling the ability of your enemy to function and operate their country. As demonstrated in the attack against the Ukrainian power system in 2015, a virus or other malware, when introduced into the power grid control system, can cause extensive power outages.

In a previous post, we discussed the massive number of video cameras in use worldwide and their use in facial recognition applications. With as many as 106,000,000 cameras being added yearly, an article posted on Interesting Engineering predicts there will be 45 billion cameras in use by 2022.

Operational technology, or OT, is the term widely applied to the networks that control industrial processes. These are the supervisory, control, and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and networks industrial and utility operations use to monitor, control, manage, and maintain the various processes they operate. For example, SCADA systems are essential in the efficient operation of the electric grid. OT systems are responsible for the oversight of the robots dedicated to assembly processes. Other OT systems control the flow of crude and refined petrochemicals in refineries.

Our post today is a bit of a departure from the norm where we alert readers to the data and identity hazards of our digital world. In this post, we are looking at the sudden fascination space agencies around the globe are showing in our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon.

Huawei is the second largest producer of smartphones in the world. In recent months, the US Government accused the company of including malware and spyware on their phones that enabled them to collect information from the phone and the area around it. In other words, it is a tool for espionage and cyber attacks.

This is the question a passenger flying on JetBlue had when she was asked to look at a camera for an identity check rather than use her photo ID. You can imagine how creepy and unnerving that may have felt. Especially since it was done without any prior notification at the airport.

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