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A recent Forbes article ( highlighted the growing need for cybersecurity in space systems and satellites. As noted, space assets are vulnerable to sophisticated threats. Yet legacy security methods are inadequate for modern missions. This underscores the value of our integrated hardware encryption technology demonstrated via our FYSON project with ESA.

The article outlines several factors making security crucial for space systems:

- Proliferation of satellites and new space companies rapidly expands attack surfaces. Constellations with inter-satellite links create interconnected risks.

- Vital civilian and military data like missile warnings, surveillance, and communications are prized targets.

- Worrying real-world attacks have already occurred, like SES satellite network hacking.

- Onboard systems are exposed to remote exploits allowing access for spying or control disruption.

Our FYSON project addresses these concerns through purpose-built security embedded into the spacecraft hardware. We integrate a hardware security module directly into the satellite payload to encrypt all data and communications via certified algorithms like AES-256. This creates an intrinsic security layer unaffected by surrounding software vulnerabilities.

By utilizing the reconfigurable FPGA onboard modern satellites like OPS-SAT, we can rapidly prototype and test advanced features like:

- Secure boot to ensure uncompromised initialization
- Key management integrated with the platform PKI
- Asymmetric cryptography architectures (e.g. ECIES)
- Anti-tamper controls for physical attack resilience
- Edge computing on hardened processors for rapid threat response

In short, FYSON represents a glimp to the future of space cybersecurity - where security shifts left starting from the underlying hardware, not bolted on as an afterthought. Our solutions reinforce defenses before attackers ever get code execution. This hardware-driven approach provides security assurance unmatched by pure software systems.

As the Forbes article concluded, “It is vital that cybersecurity moves from the periphery into the central focus.” Our FYSON technology does exactly that by embedding security into the heart of the mission.

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