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The ladies online shopping website SHEIN was hacked, and 6.4 million users have been affected. The company states that the hack occurred through ‘backdoor’ vulnerabilities.


SHEIN is an affordable, fast fashion website which has become popular over the past couple of years with the effective use of social media marketing. SHEIN has become one of the largest online fashion retailers that ships to more than 80 countries worldwide.

SHEIN revealed last weekend that its servers had been targeted by a "concerted criminal cyber-attack" that began in June this year and lasted until August 22, when the company was finally made aware of the potential theft.

Email addresses and encrypted passwords were taken, although it isn’t clear whether any other data was affected. The website does not store any credit card details online, therefore, it does not appear that the online retailer was hit by the recent series of Magecart cyber-attacks that have recently affected popular online services including Ticketmaster, British Airways, and Newegg.

SHEIN has announced that since the hack all ‘backdoor’ entry points have been fixed and closed and that the website is now safe again to visit for all its customers. As a precaution, all affected customers to change passwords for their online store accounts by either clicking the link provided in the email notification from SHEIN or directly logging into their SHEIN account to change the password.

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